Monsters and free rings

So, I’ve been thinking about monsters. 

After I had a glass of wine the other night I decided that I REALLY need a faux fur rug.  But like a muppet faux fur rug.  As if the local menfolk hunted down a scary yet wildly beautiful large muppet monster who was terrorizing the local villagers, and then made a trophy rug out of it.  Feet sticking out the sides, claws still on.  Head attached, you know the drill.  Big enough that I can lay it in front of my fireplace and maybe seduce the sweet man upon it, but that is none of your business, blogosphere.

And then, because my brain goes willy-nilly in twelve directions at all times, thoughts shot out from the original thought like spokes from the hub of a wheel.

My thoughts:


I haven’t done a contest in a while, and contests are like parties.  I like parties.

Maybe I could do a contest where I swap a ring for a rug…..

No, too complicated.  Forget the rug.

Maybe I should ask readers to create new monsters, and then I’ll have tons of monster pictures and I can collage them all together to make one giant wall-sized monster picture to hang in my studio. I would LOVE that!

I’ll give the ring to the creator of the best monster!


When I call Karen the next day to tell her of my idea, she is very supportive. “Now, what kind of wine were you drinking?”

Chianti, and Karen is just jealous because I’m a fawn.

And so my ducklings, I think we’re going to do this, but I’d love your input. 

My idea:  A pretty sapphire ring goes to the creator of the best, most creative monster.  Entrants email me images of the monsters they’ve created: drawn, photoshopped, photos of modeling clay monsters, stuffed monsters…..

So, what do you think?   Guide me, my little Obi Wans.


7 thoughts on “Monsters and free rings

  1. a) I also love Chianti
    b) I have a cool picture of chopped monster tentacles that I photoshopped but I don’t know where to find your email address…

    Win or no win, it would be very exciting to have it up in your collage 🙂

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