Amber Seaglass Ring

Another new piece, and I’m reworking the Teletubbytourmaline pendant.

And also!  Also!  My mom has started giving me Christmas presents because it is October, after all.  I asked for a round bezel punch set for Christmas, and so I’ve received a round and a square bezel punch set now!   It’s like magic!

You may leave your gift requests in the comment section, and I will pass them along as my own.  We are going to clean up this year,  I tell you.  She’ll never catch on.

I tell you this, because these things have just arrived as I’m writing about the new ring, and I’m a bit stream-of-conscious, having not eaten because I forgot to because I was a bit hyperfocused on finishing the ring.  And, apparently, my punctuation skills are gone, too.

But back to the new ring.

Amber Seaglass Ring
Amber Seaglass Ring

I’ve tended to ignore the earthtones in my work, and it’s not because I don’t like them.  Earthtones are just not in my aesthetic lexicon,  therefore they do not exist.  I don’t look good in most earthtones, and so they are invisible to me.

But look how pretty!  And warm!  Did you know earthtones could be so pretty?  You probably did, didn’t you?  Now,  if someone very twisted took over the world and made me make this ring in an enormous size and wrap my entire body in it?   I might not look good swathed in this color.  It would wash me out.  But if I wrap my wee little finger in this ring?  Fabulous.  I’ve made peace with earthtones today.  I’m growing.

Lesson learned, and I will be more forthcoming with the earthtones.


8 thoughts on “Amber Seaglass Ring

  1. A little holiday venting is good for the soul. And, while I am very fond of pie, it is my belief that pie crust dough deserves anything, verbal or physical, that I feel like dishing out to it. This is not a problem. This is a solution. Bread dough, on the other hand, will always be handled with respect and loving care.

      1. I looked it up. If you have an irrational fear of pie-crust, you have Pastrophobia.

        If it just annoys the piss out of you, I believe you have “pastry-based rage disorder”.

  2. I assume that making bezels is like rolling and transferring pie crusts, and so the season will be much more peaceful if all the right tools are in place early.

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