Tourmaline and Seaglass-Updated

I went into my studio to work on the square ruby, and by mistake I made other things, instead.  This happens a lot.  I find if I just stay in my studio long enough, most of my ideas come to fruition… some point.

tourrmaline pendant2

Of the pieces I made this week, first up for show and tell is this seaglass and tourmaline pendant.

I picked up this tourmaline early this year, and  I’ve been sitting on it while I mulled a setting which would really make it sing.

Tourmaline has become one of my favorite go-to stones;  it comes in a wide range of colors, and is a tough 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale.  While it’s pricey, it’s affordably pricey, with good stones in reach for most buyers.

I’ve paired the deep forest green tourmaline with a cool, frosty piece of Maine seaglass and rubbed the gold to a soft, satin finish.    The end result?  Medieval-gone-contemporary-casual chic.


It occurred to me that this pendant looks like something familiar.  I’m not going to tell you what it reminds me of, because then you’ll see it, too. 

What if I took all the granules off, except for the one on the bail?  Thoughts?

Left-actual piece.  Right-what if?
Left-actual piece. Right-what if?

5 thoughts on “Tourmaline and Seaglass-Updated

  1. I love your site, so much work must have gone into getting you where you are now. It reminds me of Ella Montclare. She has put together a video that highlights the true effort that goes into making a video yourself. If you’re running things on a small budget and still trying to achieve something beautiful it takes an enormous amount of effort, sweat and tears and I think this video shows this

  2. I like the granules – they help tie the two stones together. It’s sort of cross/Excalibar looking but I think that fits with the stone and seaglass combo.

  3. Does it remind you of the cross? I think it looks good either way, and if you’re going for the medieval look, than anything cross-like should be fine. It also has a bit of a spaceship like quality with the granules… dunno may be I just see spaceships everywhere.
    Overall though, this design with a fancy stone and sea glass is amazing.

  4. I can’t believe I’m saying this on my first comment in your blog, but it sort of looks like a Teletubby.

    Love your blog, you’re a down to earth, witty lady with a great sense of humour, not to mention an amazingly talented jeweller!

  5. a teletubby? I think its gorgeous. Leave the one on the bottom for sure.
    And stop making things that are so damn pretty I want to buy them all.

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