Ring, or pendant?  Pendant, or ring?

2.18ct, VS-SI
2.18ct, VS-SI


9 thoughts on “Ruby

    1. I think I need to buy another ruby like this, and make both a big-assed pendant and a ring. Problemo solved.

      BUT! Let’s all nag Karen to make a big-assed ruby brooch, because she is much more broochy than I am.

    1. Hmmm…..I’m thinking simple, too. It’s the cut; it’s already enough, so the rest should be simple.

      If I did a pendant, I think I’d do an embossed, square back for it to sit on, centered. Probably almost Deco-y. That’s a very fancy term, you know. Deco-y.

      1. Did I just see you use the “E” word? There’s a support group somewhere for those people who have been traumatized by embossing, you know.

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