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Hello, lunch

Well hello, lunch.

hello lunch2


The Damn Cat has taken a shine to bringing live creatures into the house.  A snake.  Rabbits.  Lizards.  The Damn Cat  handles the animals quite gently, because that way they are at their optimal best for future torture.  Really, is there anything worse than putting your best into torture and not even getting a lively, terrified squeal in return?   No.  There isn’t.  Bless his little, heinous heart.  

This is what he brought in today.   A mockingbird?  A catbird?

Although he brings them home gently,  most of his catches would die without treatment.   Cats’ mouths harbor serious bacteria, and if a cat breaks an animal’s skin at all, it should be treated with antibiotics before being released into the wild. 

Karen is a NC Wildlife Rehabilitator, and she tells me stuff. 

Once I got him away from TDC this guy looked spunky, but I’m going to keep him warm and quiet until Karen gets home to check him out, give me dirty looks, and talk smack about the cat I never wanted.


2 thoughts on “Hello, lunch

  1. aw. But what is it? A bird?
    One morning I woke to the sound of a bird chirping… I was in bed thinking “a bird is chirping” and then it was “A BIRD is chirping IN MY ROOM” and then it was “MY CAT has a BIRD chirping IN MY ROOM!”…so then I had to get up. I always apologize to the poor victims of my cats. :0(

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