Double sapphire dangles

double sapphires

I came up with this design when a client asked for sapphire earrings for his wife.  As you might have noticed,  my collection is a bit light on the earrings.  And I love earrings!  I really do,  but the problem with earrings is that they are going to need to be priced at almost twice what a ring would be.  Gem earrings require  double the gems, double the work, double the gold of the average ring, and so I need to be sure I create earrings which can support the higher price I need to charge.   They need to be good reach-for-them-all-the-time earrings, the kind of thing your daughter tries to steal from you when she goes off to college because they’re timeless and she digs them, too. They need to work hard and be hard wearing.

I think this design is a great foundation design:  feminine and simple, and a great jumping off point for lots of different combinations of gems.  Elegant, but can be dressed up or down, and allows the stones to take center stage.  A colorful cabochon up top, and a twinkly faceted stone below to catch the light as they move.    I’ve ordered some lovely cabochon/twinkler combinations, and I’m eager to get them set: citrine and warm brown zircon,  jade and peridot,  ruby and iolite, garnet and sapphire.

I’ve set this pair with a 2 ct blue sapphire on top and a super-sparkly .5 ct white sapphire on the bottom.


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