Aquamarine Waterfall Pendant

waterfall necklace 5

I might possibly, maybe have been just a wee tiny little bit insufferable about this pendant when I finished it.  My exact words might have been something like,  “Wow.  I mean, just wow.  I am incredibly talented.  Seriously.  I am just really, really truly gifted.  And I’m not bragging, I’m just stating the obvious.”

And those around me who have to listen to this just roll their eyes, shake their heads and let me have at it.  They know these moments of adrenaline-fueled vanity are brief.   They know that tomorrow I could be singing a different tune:  “I suuuuuuck  and I’ll never be successful and I hate everything and then we will all die a horrible death, the end.”

See?  One balances out the other, and I’m all about the healthy balance.

But, the pendant!  A 12mm long teardrop aquamarine cabochon sits above a rainbow moonstone, and hangs on an 18 inch gold chain.

I’ve been on a bit of a ring kick over the past year, and with this design I’ve been able to get excited about necklaces and pendants, too.  It’s the combining of stones that’s hooked me; the one gem playing off the other that makes this interesting to me, and while Valerie was here we sat down and did some brainstorming, organizing, and ordering of stones for future pairings and groupings.  If you are very good, blogosphere, I will show you those tomorrow.


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