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Holy wow.  Wowwy wow wow wow.  Huh. 

So.  This was new to me.  Did the rest of you know about “creative grooming” competitions for poodles?   I did not know about these, and I’m…..I don’t know what to say.  Should I suggest that we all take a minute and help these dogs find their missing dignity?

These are photographs taken by Ren Netherland, who travels around the world attending creative grooming events. 

Nope.  No. No. No.


Hold on, I'm trying to find this dog's's seems to have gone missing.
Someone sprayed this poor puppy with a big can of Insane.


Nothing says cultural sensitivity like grooming your poodle into a bison and smacking a red Native American hand symbol on its ass.
Sweet mother of pearl. That rumbling you hear? That would be millions of Native Americans rolling over in their graves.


Great googly mooglies, I said no.
Great googly mooglies, I said no.
Look at this dog's eyes. They're saying, "Why? Why did you put chicks on my hienie?"


After I saw the pictures above, I went exploring this competitive genre and found the image below.   I think Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle might be my favorite.  As my little nephew says, “I very love it.”



29 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. I just realized that you said the photographer TRAVELS AROUND THE WORLD ATTENDING CREATIVE GROOMING EVENTS. I am clearly in the wrong field here. I should have goten my degree in “over-the-top” and I could have had a fulfilling career as a dog-follower too.

  2. Can we do that with Dixie? Or Buddy — he’s got really sculptable fur! We don’t have to leave the short-haired dogs out — they could be tie-dyed. It could be a neighborhood event, like a block party. Val can even come back down — Trixie would be a perfect white canvas of a puppy!

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