Personal Entries

Don’t be the b**ch

“Honey,”  I say to Jake, “have you worked on the new SAT review stuff Miss Diane sent down?”  Our neighbor, Diane,  kindly gathered up the materials from an expensive SAT prep course her son took, and gave them to Jake.

“I took a look at it.  I’ll do more later.”



You are the SAT’s bitch,” I explain.

“Oh. I am?”  He says this with a big grin and a cocked eyebrow.  I love this boy.

“Yes.  And you need to study until the SAT’s are your bitch.”

Silence from Jake.

OK, honey?”

Jake puts his hands up as if he’s at a loss for words.  “I’m…. I’m… still picturing myself as the SAT’s bitch.”

“Well, don’t do that.  Picture the SAT’s as your bitch.  Don’t be the bitch. You don’t want to be the bitch.”

“OK.  I won’t be the bitch.”

“There you go. You’ll do great.”

It’s elite level parenting, and not everyone can hit it like I do.



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