Apple Green Turquoise Ring

When I first started Vaka Design, I hoped that the business could be an umbrella for all of my talented friends and family; that I might simply be one of many artists who ran Vaka.  It didn’t work out that way and that’s been fine, although I’ve been ready to smack my friend Karen.

While I started in painting and switched out mediums to pursue metal, Karen has her degree in art and previously focused on metal.  Karen loves silver, but life and motherhood had led her away from metalwork through the years.  Art can be intimidating to pick back up once it has been laid aside for a while, and Karen has needed to find her own pace and path back into the studio.  I’m certain my nagging, cajoling, berating, and pleading really helped, and don’t let anyone (whose name rhymes with Shmaren) tell you differently.  It totally helped.

Karen has gotten into a groove, and has produced a piece that she absolutely MUST list, because it is gorgeous.  It will be listed later this afternoon under the new category of “Karen’s Work.”


And so, let’s let Karen tell you about her new piece:

apple green turquiose ring lead
Apple Green Turquoise Ring

So. I’ve been talking about getting back into making jewelry for a long time, and thanks to a tax refund last year, I was finally able to lay out the funds to get started (after someone , who shall remain nameless, had kicked me in the butt for the umpteenth time).

When I ordered this stone, I wasn’t sure how much I would like it. It certainly looked intriguing in the photos, but I had never seen green turquoise before. I was delighted when it arrived, however. There is something very appealing about this color — it makes me think of green pears and key lime pie and summer. I’d wear it all the time, except with my coloring ,  green makes me look as though I have some sort of liver malfunction going on.

I wanted to keep the design very simple, and I don’t really care for wispy-looking, dainty jewelry. I like my silver a little more substantial — just like my men. So here you go… the apple green turquoise ring. (Totally natural stone, by the way — not treated in any way).



5 thoughts on “Apple Green Turquoise Ring

  1. It’s beautiful! I really like how it’s not huge and overwhelming and substantial (like you say) at the same time ….
    and not in my size – temptation avoided 🙂

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