Personal Entries

I’m worried

You know what worries me?  My children can’t get out of the car I’ve owned for six years unless I unlock the power locks for them; they just sit there and look confused if I don’t push the master button on my door.  Once, I refused to do it and got out, leaving them in the car.  They crawled into the front and climbed out my door.  I was so proud of their problem solving skills.

These are the people who will be in charge of making medical and legal decisions for me when I am old.


2 thoughts on “I’m worried

  1. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    I find myself worrying about what will become of me in my old age when I watch my 13 year old daughter take the empty ice tray from the freezer and look at it with complete confusion and disappointment, and then immediately return it, empty, back to the freezer. The best part is when she comes back an hour later and tries it again..

    I suppose I’ve forgotten to tell her that the ice tray fairy was along the same lines of Santa and the Easter Bunny..

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