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Magma-loving science badass

I’ve often told my science-loving boys how I’d love it if one of them would grow up to be a Volcanologist.  While the profession is also spelled “vulcanologist,” I won’t use that spelling because, as a Trek nerd, I wholeheartedly feel it should be reserved for those who dedicate their lives to the study of Vulcans.

But wouldn’t it be cool to be a volcanologist?  To fly around the world studying active volcanoes, living dangerously, being a professional badass?  Like many parents,  I want my children to succeed beyond my own level of success, and I’m not a professional badass, only a devoted amateur trying my best.  I want better for them.

This comes to mind today because of the news of Anak Krakatoa’s awakening.  Anak Krakatoa is a rising volcanic cone building upon the original Krakatoa, which erupted in the 1800’s .  The eruption killed tens of thousands in Indonesia, and changed weather patterns for five years.  Blah, blah, blah…..Look at the pictures!

Alright, not to be cavalier about the deaths of over 30,000, but today Volcanologists are keeping a close eye on the volcano so the area can be evacuated when an eruption is close to occurring.  They can do that because they are badasses.  With cameras.  Look at the pictures!

These images were captured in June by Italian volcanologist Dr. Marco Fulle:




Anak Krakatoa draws violent storms

Isn’t Dr. Marco Fulle the sexiest man you’ve never met?  Ignoring the violent thunderstorms overhead, loitering insanely around volcanoes, clothes singed by the embers falling upon him, big old brain oblivious to danger as he collects information that could save thousands (see, I do care about the thousands)!  Oh my.  And he probably doesn’t even realize he’s a badass, which is the most badass thing about this type of man!  He’s much cooler than another Italian, Arthur Fonzarelli, ever could have hoped to be.  A Fonzie-Dr. Fulle cage fight would be too pitiful to even watch.  Fonzi wouldn’t have a chance against a badass the caliber of a Volcanologist like Dr. Fulle, and he’d probably cry and wet his pants.


Dr. Marco Fulle: Professional Badass
Dr. Marco Fulle: Professional Badass


Every time news like this pops up, I grab the boys, show them the pictures and say, “HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO DO THIS? HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THESE GUYS???!!!”  And I get looks ranging from completely blank to those which silently scream “SHE’S A NUTTER.”

I will just have to come as close to my badass ideal as possible, and go play with molten gold in my studio.



For those as fascinated by the subject as I am, Stromboli online is a neat educational site about volcanoes.




4 thoughts on “Magma-loving science badass

  1. Badass scientists, how cool is that. But what’s even cooler is that you are a Trek nerd! Which of course makes sense for someone being into badass science exploration 🙂

    1. I’m generally kind of nerdy, and my umbrella of nerdiness covers Trek =) Female nerds can get away with much more than male nerds because our shirts are all full of boobs, and this offsets our general aura of nerdiness.

      BUT! When I was trying to find a picture of Marco Fulle, I read that he leads groups up Mt. Etna! How cool is that?? I really, really want to do that!!

  2. well…..for starters, one wrong step and your foot is instantly sizzled away… and for seconds, you don’t like to sweat right?

    1. The one-wrong-step part makes it exciting! The sweating….hmm…..I think sweating during this type of excursion would be ok. This would fall under Indiana Jones Type sweating; when you do badass things you’re going to sweat, and the badass cause of the sweating makes the sweat sexy.

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