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Yahweh is from Cleveland

I asked him.

On my walk today I passed Greenway-Yahweh, and stopped to introduce myself and tell him of Jake’s take on him.

He offered up that he is Jewish, and grinned and nodded upon hearing Jake’s image of  Yahweh on a park bench listening to the Mets.  While he agreed that this was a reasonable activity for the Almighty Creator, he pointed out his bright blue baseball hat.  One caveat to Jake’s vision: Yahweh would prefer to focus on his love of the Florida Gators.

I didn’t tell him this was ridiculous;  how can Yahweh have time for the Florida Gators when he’s devoted to the Penn State Nittany Lions?  Silly Greenway-Yahweh.

When I told him how I agreed with Jake that he looked like a New Yorker, Greenway-Yahweh shrugged his shoulders and nodded as if to imply it was the same place, and said ” I’m from Cleveland.”

Greenway-Yahweh seemed tickled to be considered a good earthly stand-in, and I can only hope his laughter was genuine and not a precursor to going home and telling his wife about the nutter he met on the Greenway, and then changing the path of his daily walk.


2 thoughts on “Yahweh is from Cleveland

    1. I did!

      But after you tell someone you’ve been discussing his resemblence to God, what do you do the next time you see him?

      It could be awkward if he doesn’t have a sense of humor. =)

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