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Have a lovely day, my grasshoppers

Heading home today, and with a smile after a reader emailed to tell me my Carnelian Creamsicle Ring was on the front page of Etsy!

While I don’t enjoy having low days or times when failures and rough patches seem to come to the forefront of life, something like the boost of having a piece unexpectedly featured reminds me that as I’m working so hard to build my business and bring good things to my life, the effort I’ve put in is working. Good friends, happy children, pieces I’ve made being loved by the people who have purchased them…..  I did that,  I’ve put good things in motion.

Another cup of tea, and I’m hitting the road.  I am just like Jack Kerouac, but not so much.  Ok, not at all except that I’ll be driving somewhere.

Have a lovely day, my grasshoppers.


2 thoughts on “Have a lovely day, my grasshoppers

    1. I’ve only been able to find it through one gem dealer, and it’s sort of like a faceted cabochon. I love it, and I wish the cut was available for more stones!

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