Personal Entries

Neil Diamond

As  seniors at Penn State, my roommates and I would head to a sports bar every Tuesday nights for quarter beers and fifty cent nachos.  Every Tuesday a local cover singer would perform all Neil Diamond’s songs.  Neil’s heavy radio play days were behind him, but you couldn’t help but be familiar with his music because for years it had saturated the airwaves.   Those nights took the music many had been forced to listen to while stuck in the back of their parents station wagons, and made it campy and cheesy and so much fun.   It was a weekly beer-and-nacho- fueled sing along.

Since Penn State,  I’ve never been able to hear Neil Diamond without smiling and singing along, but years ago Will Farrell added other facets to these moments. This morning I had Neil Diamond on my playlist, and as usual, all I could think as it began to play was, ” I’ll smack you in the mouth,  I’m Neil Diamond!”

I cannot hear these songs without Will Farrell’s Neil Diamond coming to mind, and I wonder how Big Neil feels about that.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Loren Michaels blah-blahs for a moment, but the only copy I could find!


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