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So pretty

Look at what I ordered!   I love it so much I’m going to marry it.

1.24 6.1 rose cut

This stone is rose cut, 1.24 ct, and 6.1 mm across.

I only purchase natural diamonds;  treated and irradiated diamonds lack nuanced color variations, and this is why I’ve not purchased black diamonds before.  Most blacks are irradiated and are simply opaque jet black in color, and I don’t see the point of that.  The beauty of diamonds, to me, is the color play.  Natural “black,” like this one,  is really a very dark variation of the natural diamond color range:  browns, reds, purples, greens.

Rose cut  is a lovely antique cut which has had a resurgence of popularity recently.  Briefly used, rose cut fell out of favor because it doesn’t optimize a white diamond’s assets.  A good cut allows light to enter the stone and play, and light play is what allows you to see a white diamond’s fire and brilliance. Rose cut allows some light to enter, but more simply reflects off the domed surface.  You’ve just defeated the purpose of a white diamond.  But we all know what I think of white diamonds.

Colored diamonds like this one, however, are not valued for their clarity and internal fire.  They’re valued for their rich color variations, cut and luster.  A rose cut is perfect for colored diamonds, and I lurrrved this one as soon as I saw it!

Like most unique stones I order,  I’ll need to meet this one and get to know it before I come up with a design which suits its personality.

And I won’t leave it on the kitchen table, because that would be so stupid.


5 thoughts on “So pretty

  1. It’s gorgeous for sure. I assume some (all?) of those facet colors would change as the diamond is turned or put in different light.

    I have, actually and truly, NO experience of diamonds. [Chagrin!]

    1. I was never a big fan of diamonds until I started working with them…but one of the things I reaaaally like is the color play and change.

      Yo Nightman1, did you see the props I gave you in the Britney post?

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