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Her bra did what?

Really, does anything say understated sexy like streams of fireworks spewing from your boobs?

My breasts deserve fireworks,  and I think my Jeannie custume needs to come with pyrotechnic bra cups.  Now that I know this is possible I really feel it’s an important facet to incorporate into my Jeannie/Master fantasy.  Won’t Major Healey be surprised?  He will so love it.

Who knew it was possible?
Who knew it was possible?

What I love about this type of thing is this:  there were meetings about this outfit.  People took notes and sat around a table and acted professionally while discussing if making Lady GaGa’s boobs explode on national television was a possibility.  I want that job.


3 thoughts on “Her bra did what?

  1. I did that just last week. All my bras possess pyrotechnic capabilities. I’m just don’t like to brag.

    You know, if that trick had gone wrong, she might have actually needed a pair of silicone nipples to replace the ones she just scorched off.

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