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Cool like Riley

Riley was in Alabama for a soccer tournament from Thursday until late last night.  When I picked him up at 10:30, he was only half awake, and when we got home I poured him into bed.  This morning he woke up pretty pleased with his bad self, and details of the tournament have been trickling out all day.

– He received a yellow card, and this has raised him to hero-like status among the other soccer players.  A YELLOW card!  You badass.  You have to practically kill a man to get a yellow card!  It equals a prison tattoo in terms of street cred.  Blogosphere, you can only hope that someday you can be so cool.  As pleased with himself as he is, Riley does not feel the yellow card was warranted.  The other team’s player locked his arm through Riley’s, and Riley shook him off, causing the boy to fall on the ground where he writhed in pain of questionable authenticity.  The yellow card was for tripping.

– He broke another boy’s arm.  “He just kind of ran into me and fell down.  It was confusing.”

– He went through a very tall player, causing the boy to sustain a groin injury.  “Oh no!”  I said.  “Was he alright?”   “He fell on the ground and cried a lot.  He didn’t play after that.”

-He lost a tooth, which was not particularly loose yet when he left for the tournament. “It was hurting so much, so I just pulled it out.”   Oh. Good. Lord.

I asked a lot of questions about the injuries to other players, and came to the same conclusion his coaches and referees did: Ri was not at fault.   The other players seemed to think Riley, with his small stature, would get out of the way for them.  He didn’t, and they went down.

I can’t lie, I am a bit proud of the boy.  I admire his go-big-or-go-home attitude, and I always have.  This is a boy who has always been happy to end up with stitches if they were worth it, and I don’t think he’s ever felt they weren’t.  I’ve tried to teach my boys to play hard, work hard, love hard and laugh hard, and Riley does all those things in soccer.  He has a lot of fun playing, and he plays with his whole heart.

I’m so glad he’s home, wandering around speaking in accents and making us all laugh with his wicked-quick sense of humor.  I really love him.


4 thoughts on “Cool like Riley

  1. This “badness” is 99.5% perfection – only equalled by . . . oh say 4 other nearly perfect people in the entire universe. There can be NO discussion on this point, blogosphere. When I am right, I am right.

  2. I’m tellin’ all my bidness associates that I know a guy who got a yellow card. That should keep ’em on their toes.

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