so pretty, so shiny

Look at what I just bought!  Because I need more stones.  The twenty I’ve purchased and haven’t yet set are getting lonely.



A pretty little rose cut diamond from the same vendor as this stone.  Both are smallish stones, and that is how I test the waters with new suppliers: several small orders to check for quality and service before I invest in a larger order.  I have vendors who I’ve come to trust for almost everything, but have yet to find one for diamonds.  So far, so good with this vendor, and they seem to value the color of diamonds in the same way I do.

White diamonds have never done it for me, but I’ve come to love the champagne color range.  “Champagne” is the diamond industry term which covers every hue from champagne to deep espresso colored diamonds, and those colors are absolutely beautiful.   Champagnes have the color play and luster for which diamonds are famous, but all wrapped up in rich shades no other stone has.  Additionally, champagne diamonds are a fraction of the cost of silly white diamonds, and this makes the hippie child in me feel superior in so many ways.  I prefer the diamonds which are less expensive because I value them for the beautiful color nature gave them, and this places me above white diamonds because I’m just too cool for them.  In my mind, this logic works, but I’m too tired to explain it.  The end point of my logic is this, though: I’m just too cool for white diamonds.

And that’s all I can tell you right now, because I’ve worked entirely too many hours this week and I’m so tired I might cry on the keyboard if I need to type one more word.

Nap time my ducklings.


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