What’s that noise?

What’s that noise?  Oh my gosh!  It’s the angels singing!  Singing their wee little angelic hearts out, and all because of my chocolate diamond ring. I thought this would happen. Angels must like chocolate and bling, too.

This is an unusual stone, and I loved it when I saw it.  It’s a lovely tea color with very pretty variations, organic, .35ct, and measures 4.0 x 5.7 x 1.5 mm.  These dimensions make it shallower than most stones of this weight, and I felt the back of the stone was more beautiful than the front.  The table (the flat top surface of the diamond) was quite broad and reflected more than captured the light, and so you missed a bit of the beautiful color.   The back (the pavilion, the pointy part), though, is gorgeous!  It’s colorful and sparkly, and kind of fascinating.  So I flipped it. 

I really enjoy getting the most out of the gems I find; designing a setting which minimizes the stone’s flaws, and maximized its strengths.  I wanted a bigger setting, but one which would highlight the lovely stone, not overshadow it.   I wanted it feminine, but not too twee.  Contemporary, but with a nod to the ancient designs I love,  combined in a way that is timeless.

chocolate diamond 2

chocolate diamond

But here’s the thing.  You want to know the thing?  It’s the saddest thing ever.  I don’t really have any of my own jewelry.  Sad, huh?  And I really, really want this ring.  I want to go out on a date with the the stupid and wonderful man, and I want to wear a swingy little skirt and lipstick and pretty sandals and THIS RING, and I hope the gorgeous man kisses me until my legs go wobbly.  Wouldn’t that be lovely? 

I’m going to be very good and list this ring tomorrow, but if it doesn’t sell really fast I’m totally keeping it, and it will be my very own.

Other than Katie’s New Ring If Someone Doesn’t Buy It Right Away, what shall we call this ring?


10 thoughts on “What’s that noise?

  1. My favorite ring has to be the sangria garnet. I LOVE it, and if my husband truly loved me, he would buy it for me. I also would not kick the jade queens ring out of bed for eating crackers…

  2. Is your name Wyle E. Coyote? Because you are a Super Genius! When are you bringing your super genius self up north?

  3. Wow that is really beautiful Katie! I would totally buy it from you, were I not a poor struggling grad student. I think you should keep it.

  4. this ring looks like a scifi space station – futuristic and out of this world
    And I think you should definitely keep it (just use yourself as a walking advertisement for your business 🙂

  5. I am blown away by an artist who sets a stone upside down and ROCKS it! I also really really really like the little gold ball at the base of the ring!

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