Personal Entries

It’s good to be us

After reading my earlier post, “Puppy Kickers,” Nightman1 commented that acquiring and wearing jewelry sounds like a lot of fun, and in his words,

…..provide yet more support for my ever-growing supposition that it is much more fun to be a woman than a man!

Well, Nightman1, I’m not sure I’d agree that being a woman holds the winning hand.  Some parts of being a woman are very difficult and unique to our sex.  But yes, there are many, many wonderful things about being a woman.

My favorites:

1.  Lipstick. I’ve said it before:  lipstick is a little tube of happiness I can keep with me, always.  Lipstick is pure joy.  Lipstick makes everything a little better.

2.  Breasts. Yes, we like them, too.  We’re not endlessly fascinated by them the way men are, but they are lovely and warm and soft, and we do enjoy having them. Propping up my breasts everydayjust-so, is a very serious job, and I should win an award for how well I’ve done it.

3.   High heels. Running through a parking lot with Riley, he exclaimed that I was running just as fast as he was, and in heels.  Oh honey, those were only two-inch training heels.   Give me my lipstick and my high heels, and there is nothing I can’t do.

4.  Pregnancy. Carrying the child of the man you love  is an almost spiritual experience; transcending the morning sickness and swollen everything is the knowledge that a bit of him is growing inside you.  Feeling a new life move within you is a wonder.

5.  Breastfeeding. When it doesn’t work, it’s horrible.  When it does?  It feels as if you are the most perfectly designed thing on the planet, and all is well because you can give another human being exactly what they need.  Is there a happier moment than when a baby, distracted from nursing,  grins big, toothless, milky smiles at you, and wiggles from head to toe when you smile back?

6.  Girlfriends. Oh, how do men live without the intimate, nurturing friendships women have?   How?  Sitting in my driveway, sharing a bottle of wine and laughing for hours rates as one of my very favorite things.  My friend Kristine’s daughter Sophie was conceived after such an evening.   We call her Sophia Sangria.

7.  Lingerie. I love lingerie.  While lingerie might be a  joy to wear as gift-wrap for an adored man, it is also a daily private joy.   Knowing that under my clothes I’m pretty just for me is something that makes me very happy, and gift-wrapping me for me reminds me that my body is …. a gift.

8.  Being a woman, not a girl. Putting behind girlish thought is incredibly empowering and sexy.  I don’t think true sexiness hits until later in life, and requires tempering and experience.  Feeling womanly and sexy is a mix of accomplishment, intelligence, the ability to handle anything, and learning how valuable you are.  Those things come with time, and realizing you’ve reached womanhood and true sexiness makes you want to get up and dance and cheerfully announce you’ll not be taking any more crap unless it’s really, really worth it.

9.  Stuff. The shampoos, the creamy lotions, the perfume.  Ah.  Lovely smelling things that make our skin and hair soft and touchable and feminine.

10.  Men. Nothing makes us feel more womanly and feminine than being next to a man who feels solid and scratchy and bigger than us and….manly.  You confuse us, and we spend large parts of our lives waiting for you to give us your attention while we pretend we’re very busy and just as happy not having it.   But when the man you’re in love with has his arms around you and his eyes on you?   Just. Wow.  It’s like a solid, safe anchorage,  the best meal ever, and a shot of B6 all mixed together.   Did you know you were magic?


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