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Kaiser Chiefs

I usually try to act shocked by the little badass and dangerous things Riley does so he can have that nice mission-accomplished feeling, and not feel the need to try harder to shock and worry me.   Riley has a go-big-or-go-home attitude, so letting him think he’s already gone big sometimes nips things in the bud.  Sometimes.  I’d worry if he weren’t such a good kid.

Ri has been singing this song around the house for several weeks now, and  I’ve  shaken my head,  acted concerned and told him these aren’t very nice lyrics, while secretly thinking they are brilliant. I’m sure I’m not fooling him. Hopefully my attitude will keep him away from the harder anarchist punk music which might lead him to join a British gang of disgruntled youths and set fire to the Parliament building.  Because that’s the natural next step after this song.

I downloaded the song last night, and now I can’t stop singing it, either.   I’m not as good a kid as Riley, so I’m worried for me.

Never Miss A Beat:


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