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Puppy kickers!

Hey, look at this.  Are you looking?

Reversible Petal Pendant
Reversible Petal Pendant

I’ve been wanting to create a casual summer pendant;  the kind of thing you can throw on with a pair of shorts or a fluttery silk dress, and I think we’ve done it, Watson.

Blogosphere, meet the Reversible Petal Pendant.  Petal Pendant, blogosphere.

I’ve forged a piece of 14k into an organic circle and worked it until no part is left unrounded, almost like a rose petal.  One side is a soft matte finish, the other is a deep shine, and it will be offered on one of several different colors of silk cord.

While this design will be listed for sale by later this afternoon, I’m also donating one of these necklaces to the Independent Animal Rescue of Durham, NC, for their upcoming annual silent auction.

I receive many requests to donate items for fundraising auctions, and I rarely oblige; often the charity seems far-fetched, or a poor fit for me.  When asked to donate to help  “Struggling Working Women”  in an upscale Charlotte community, I felt it would be more effective to just give the item to myself.

But this request was a no-brainer.  My baby girl Kita and that Damn Cat are rescues, and so I was happy to be asked, and happier to help.   Kita is a joy and a wonderful friend who I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for an animal rescue, and that Damn Cat…..    well, he lives here.

If you are in the Durham area and need a good reason to justify buying a piece of jewelry,  here’s your chance.  It would be altruistic to go bid on this or another item.  You’d have to be a real bastard to not go to that auction if you could.  Not participating in the auction would like kicking a puppy, or torturing bunnies.   Not criticising,  just observing.  For Heaven’s sake,  at least give them a ten dollar donation if you don’t want to attend the auction, would you?  Would ten dollars kill you?  No.  I didn’t think so.

Puppy kickers, I can’t even look at you.

Kita the Dog and Jake
Kita the Dawg and Jake

Independent Animal Rescue of Durham


12 thoughts on “Puppy kickers!

  1. This pendant–and imagining the fun a woman would have scrutinizing it, deciding whether or not to buy it, buying it, wearing it, appreciating it, and just generally having a relationship with it–provide yet more support for my ever-growing supposition that it is much more fun to be a woman than a man!

    I have my beloved collection of nice old radios, true, but, unlike this pendant, the collection not only is aesthetically pleasing but also requires a lot of WORK (to fix up the radios).

    How much better to just “throw [something] on with a pair of shorts or a fluttery silk dress” and march out into the world to be admired!

    1. And nightman, don’t forget the lipstick! The lipstick tips the scales =) But, we also spend large parts of our lives waiting for men to give us their attention and pretending that we’re just as happy not having it.

  2. I just donated, because I am not a bunny torturer! They take online donations. Great cause, Katie, and beautiful neclace!

  3. question: when at your “online store” how can you tell if a piece is a one of a kind only or, like this pendant, a “design” you are selling?

    1. Hmmm… I haven’t really considered things in terms of one-of-a-kind, and so nothing is marked as such. Let me go in and make a note on pieces which are unique, because I’m sure you’re not the only one wondering about that!

      Thanks Carla!

    1. Thanks Jean!

      I’ve been teaching Karen’s daughter silversmithing, and she’ll be making a piece, too. Em is such a neat girl, and I’ll make sure I take a picture of her piece, too!

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