Art is glamorous


This is what I often look like by the end of the day, especially if I have a lot of polishing to do.  The red all over my face is polishing rouge, and it sprays everywhere when you use it.  After you’ve used it for a few minutes the spray turns blackish, and so I end up looking as if I have a horrible skin condition.  I go through a lot of facial scrub.

The USPS lady and my UPS man are very sweet, and overlook the smudges and goggles when I answer the door looking like this.  They’ve inquired about what I do, and so when they deliver they often ask about what I’m working on that day.  My USPS lady is always eager to hear what her deliveries contain.

The cheeky FedEx man doesn’t ask questions, but does make smart ass comments about my seeming lack of hygiene.  He’s been perplexed on the few occasions when I answer the door clean, dressed and with make-up, and seems to think the post-shower version of me is a whole different person.  He tries to flirt with me on those delivery days, and one of these times I’m going to tell him I have no time for him because he’s been very rude to my dirty twin sister.


5 thoughts on “Art is glamorous

  1. hi, what a wonderful idea to put up a pic like this on the internet, because i think many people cannot imagine what a smudgy work jewelly design is in the end.
    they just see the final result which is shiny, beauriful and ready to wear….. and to show of with it. ;)))

    very nice!

    have a wonderful weekend – and i will ask my hsuband to take a similar pic from me as well! lol


    1. Like most artists, I’ve worked in several mediums…I minored in ceramics, my degree is in painting….art is messy work! But the polishing rouge I use in jewerly takes the cake! It gets EVERYWHERE…all over me, all over my house! But I do feel like such a badass when I’m dirty and grimy from work =)

  2. OK, I have seen a few pictures of you, but that one, really is my absolute favorite…heck you make grundy look hot!

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