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Rat Bastard, update

Bonfire is rained out, but we switched it out for football in the rain and then a fire inside, air conditioning set to arctic.

I will kiss the rat bastard weatherman, but he gets no cleavage and no tongue.


2 thoughts on “Rat Bastard, update

  1. All in all, a fascinating blog! You women are just tougher than men. You got a kid (or two?), with all that that entails. You got the art/business, which I suspect would largely be a joy but sometimes seem a curse. You got a lively interest in men. And backing it all up you got…the lipstick.

    Alone but effective, it seems!

    But I hear there’s a stupid lovable man in the background somewhere. I hope he steps into the foreground, at last. Then all that stuff to do will have two to do it.

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