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Mutant freak: Eleven inches

I’d pulled on a tank top (the first of the season) for my walk, and was looking in the mirror to put on my lipstick.  Yes, I wear lipstick on my walks.  I wear lipstick all the time.  Lipstick is a little tube of happiness I can always keep with me.  Lipstick is one of the top ten best things about being a woman, and is an absolute necessity when I exercise. It makes me feel pretty and that helps me kick ass.  Pretty and lipstick are very important parts of exercise.

But, to get back to the point: I was looking in the mirror and it seems that all the forging I’ve done in the past year has left my right arm visibly larger than my left.

Have I become a goldsmithing mutant freak?

I measured.  My right bicep is over eleven inches in circumference, and my left is a bit under ten.  I’d expect a bit of a difference in size between the two, as I’m quite right-handed, but….  I’m turning into a freak.  Soon my right arm will be so big that I’ll fall over when I stand up.  Neighborhood children will have to be shushed by their mothers when they point and say “Mommy, look at that woman lying on the ground with the enormous arm, why is she such a mutant freak?”

I would like everyone to go measure their arms and report back, please.


6 thoughts on “Mutant freak: Eleven inches

  1. I’m thrilled to announce that my arms are perfectly symmetrical. As are my thighs, my fingers, my nostrils and the tips of my eyelashes. In fact I’m pratically perfect, which would be almost freakish in itself, were I not such an all-round goddess of fabulousness. I think I’ll go measure the spaces between my toes…

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