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A coyote ate my head

Mark Harmon: Not as helpful as I'd hoped.
Mark Harmon: Not as helpful as I'd hoped.

My head is busy at the best of times.  For years I’ve used exercise to slow down the energy coursing through my brain, and meditation to help clear the collisions from the tracks of my mind so that all my trains of thought can be righted from where they’ve spectacularly derailed.

Throw in a wonderful-but-slightly-overwhelming amount of jewelry orders, a problematic ex-boyfriend turning up like a gorgeous gem coated thickly with ebola virus, the usual single parent chaos, and then top it back off with the jewelry orders, because I’m obsessing about them….. and my brain is overloaded.

I’m usually careful about what I watch and read: add a disturbing image to my busy ADHD brain, and I can obsess and worry that image to death.  It’s not worth watching violent or upsetting movies and shows, because they stick with me for ages, taking up space in my mind and popping up where I least want them.

But lately I’ve been watching NCIS reruns with Jake, because Mark Harmon is a beautiful man, and because my head has been overflowing and I just need to shut it down.  And Mark Harmon is a beautiful man.  On the visual input plus list:  Mark Harmon.  On the visual input minus list: a show about violent crime in the Navy.  Mark Harmon wins!

Recently in reruns, Mark Harmon solved the murder of a Marine killed in a state park, parts of his corpse carried away by coyotes.  He also solved the murder of a Naval officer killed in a state park, his body devoured by a bear.  You didn’t know there was so much eating of our military personel in our state parks did you?  Luckily, Mark Harmon is there to figure out what happened, after the fact.  So if you are murdered and left to be eaten by a large carnivore in a state park?  Rest assured, after you are consumed, Mark Harmon will find your killer.

I went to bed not realizing Mark and his hi-jinx were still swirling through my brain, and I dreamed complicated, strange dreams.  Mark was solving my state park-murder,  and I was a bit put out that he hadn’t gotten there sooner.  Maybe before the murder?  But definitely before the coyote chewed off my head and carried it away.

In my dream it didn’t hurt to have my head chewed off.  As the coyote carried my head away and I felt his jaws clamped on my skull, I looked back upon Mark Harmon examining my body.   Mark and his team bobbed up and down in my line of vision, my head jolting with the motion of the animal’s stride as he ran.

“Well, this is JUST. GREAT,”  my head thought in my dream, ” how am I going to tell my customers their jewelry is going to be late because a coyote ate my head?”




6 thoughts on “A coyote ate my head

  1. Mark Harmon is such a beautiful man that in encountering his photo at the top of you post, I lost all concern about the coyote eating your head. I don’t think I like that about myself.

  2. Oh my, out of curiosity I thought I would read this post. I can relate. That is why I give scary, suspenseful, gory movies a wide berth, I even SHUN those types of movies, I guess that makes me a scarist. I find if I watch that type of movie, I end up being, in many horrific dreams. Where I am in the movie I just saw unable to get out, sometimes I am watching myself go through all of the same things the actors went through and I am appalled at my stupidity. I make the same mistakes they make and wind up brutally murdered because I turned left instead of right. Or I couldn’t scream or my feet wouldn’t move or I couldn’t run for the life of me. However, I do understand the Mark Harmon draw, he is a very handsome man, too bad he is in a show I won’t watch. I do have one question. Living here in Montana we do see bear scat (poop) on some of our hikes. I would really like to know if Mr. Harmon’s character discovered how the Marine died by analyzing the bear scat?

  3. Sorry Kate, I’m sorry the coyote ate your head….but it’s Mark Harmon, the Silver Fox…..I mean it’s Mark Harmon…..

    1. He is a beautiful, beautiful man. My youngest asked if I was “watching that show with the old guy.” Mark Harmon is not OLD! He is eternally sexy a la Paul Newman.

      But he did let the coyote eat my head.

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