New Button Ring

Good morning, my darlings!

I’ve had more than a few emails gently asking when I will show some new designs, and the answer, frustratingly, has been…..I haven’t created any.

While it’s wonderful to be receiving so many orders for existing designs, it hasn’t left me time to create new, cool stuff.  As those around me know, that’s been driving me nuts!  The business woman in me (the one who likes the utilities to stay on) is happy with all the orders, but the artist?  She’s been chomping at the bit.   Running my own business has been such a learning experience, and balancing the creative and the practical aspects of being a working studio artist is a challenge.  Each facet needs the other for success, though,  doesn’t it?

This weekend I forced myself to turn my head off to the practical demands for just a few hours, and here you are:  a new,  cool thing!  Ta da!

I found these buttons at a local shop, Knit One, Stitch Too, when I stopped by to pick up silk cording for pendants I’m working on.

Betsy Weber is the owner of Knit One, Stitch Too, and she and her son were very patient and helpful as I sifted through every single shell button they stocked to find the just the right ones.  Thank you, Betsy!  Betsy ships worldwide, and for those of you looking to support independently owned shops, this is a great one.

Button Ring

The first button ring (below):  An abalone button in a sterling, satin-finished setting with an irregular bezel.  I dig it, and it screams “summertime” to me.  I’ll have this listed for sale later in the day.

Abalone in Sterling
Abalone in Sterling

Next up is the glazed red shell button:

button ring2

The forged “thread” is soldered on one side, and then bent through the button holes.  It’s the bezel which actually secures the button. The thin, wide shell button isn’t as sturdy as a gem, and so I designed the setting to work as a bumper; to take the force of any blows the ring will receive, and so the “thread” rising up from the face of the button is as useful as it is decorative.  I’ll finish this one with a satin finish, as I did with the abalone.

The great big square button?  I’m going to set that one in gold, and with a slightly more complicated setting.   It’ll be big and gorgeous and “full of win” as Jake’s friend Erika would say.   The challenge with a piece like this is keeping the cost of the setting down so the ring will be affordable: in the  mid $200’s.  Because of the size of the button, the setting will need to be sturdy, but sturdy in gold is expensive!  To avoid that,  I’ll play with the base of the bezel being reinforced in silver.  The visible, beautiful parts will be gold, the working parts, silver, and if all goes well it will work and add up to a stunning piece.

Also in studio news:  the extra silver solder I ordered is in, and so I’ll be attempting this design again.   Cross your fingers!


3 thoughts on “New Button Ring

  1. I love this one… make more. I’m disappointed to hear the big square button is going in gold. I was going to claim it in a heartbeat!

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