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Sunday Videos

It’s REM Sunday!  Yeaaaaah!  You didn’t know this when you woke up this morning, did you?

First…..Michael with HAIR!  You thought he was born bald, didn’t you?  He was not.  Radio Free Europe:


Memories of warm cups of fraternity beer and college guys with pegged pants and too much cologne.  It’s the End of the World As We Know It (I feel fine).  Avec orange  eyebrow stripe.


And now I’d like to give you a choice: Orange Crush with Michael and the earlier, smaller ORANGE eyebrow stripe, or Orange Crush with Michael and the later HUGEASS black eyestripe.   If you play them at the same time it’s like you’re on acid at their concert all over again. You’re welcome.


And Losing My Religion with a BLUE eyelid stripe .


What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?  Orange stripe, covered by glasses until the end.  That tricky little monkey.


And a little more bigass black stripe.  Wanderlust and Leaving New York.


MTV, live, no stripe: Supernatural Superserious.


Big thanks to Jakers for helping me to compile this list. 

First, Jake and I played with the idea of 80’s alt music videos, and after perusing those, Jake has decided to get a mohawk (a la Clash).  When we switched our theme to REM,  Jake was inspired to accessorize his new look with a Stipe Stripe.  He’s taking suggestions on the color, width, and location.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Videos

  1. Yes indeed, when I picture a fellow with a hair fringe/eye stripe/mohawk combo, in a kilt no less — personal items dancing in the breeze — MANLY is the first word that pops into MY head!

    What an impression he could make on new acquaintences!

  2. Perhaps he could combine the two: shave the entire head, EXCEPT for the very front of the hairline, leaving a horizontal strip of hair about an inch wide all the way across the front of the forehead. With a bit more length 3-4″ (and judicious use of hair product) you could cultivate a hair stripe to fall over the forehead and eyes.

    Which could then be spliced into the beard at a future date.

    1. Maybe dye the hair stripe…….Jake is thinking he might also like to explore wearing a kilt (breeze on the manliness and all), and so the we need to keep in mind plaid, too.

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