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Reuben Margolin

Erin is right, and he’s a badass.  Let’s move this up from the comments.

In her comment,  Erin from Bongy Berkeley wrote: 

 Have you seen this guy, Reuben Margolin? He started out building things too. I bet Jake would like this if he likes physics and mathy things.

He is a badass. He’s also a resident in the giant-bong city that I live in.

(Any other artists anyone else would like to share?  Send them in! )

For more of Margolin’s badassness, check out his site.


2 thoughts on “Reuben Margolin

  1. I also really like Andy Goldsworthy:

    and Arthur Ganson. I actually got to see his exhibit at the MIT Musesum. It was amazing.

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