No dream for you

Matt’s bus comes in five minutes, Riley’s in thirty five. ” I had a dream last night,” Says Ri as he eats his cereal.  “It was-“ “I have a dream!”  Matt breaks in with a booming southern preacher’s voice.  “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation … Continue reading No dream for you

It’s the FINALS

On his way out the door this morning, Riley stopped and sheepishly asked me, “Mom?  Can you pick me up from school early today?” “Why?”  I’ve never picked him up early before. Riley puts both of  his hands up,  a gesture imploring me to stop being unreasonable, “No, listen.  Listen.  OK? “ “Oooh, this should be good.” “Don’t … Continue reading It’s the FINALS

The neighbor’s yard

My favorite part of Matt’s sleepover was when I looked out back to see several of the boys peeing in the trees at the back of my neighbor’s yard.  They were out playing football early on Sunday morning, and so I’m wishfully thinking that no one saw them. “Do not. Pee. In. The neighbor’s YARD,”  I called … Continue reading The neighbor’s yard

I have a dream

So I had a dream last night.  After inheriting a huge old rambling house, I invited forty people to a party.  Four hundred showed up, I had no idea who they were, and they trashed the house and wouldn’t leave for days and days.  In my dream, I ended up calling the police, who came and used … Continue reading I have a dream