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Stoner Chickens

Jean commented that while The Pig might be an unreliable witness, growing up she had a neighbor whose Bantams roosted in trees. However, the neighbor was an avid cannabis gardener. Perhaps the Bantams, Jean’s neighbor, and The Pig are all stoners, and thus their credibility must be questioned.

But, because of Jean’s comment, I went a’Googlin, and found this information at, a vegan site:

Chickens in the wild live in societies. Their lives are diverse. They have an impressive repertoire of vocal calls that they use to communicate with each other. Roosters look after their flocks; hens look after their chicks. At a normal weight—not overgrown through industry breeding—they fly up to high tree branches and roost for the night. Hens lay a normal amount of eggs. They take care in choosing a spot in which to lay them and watch over them.

Chickens are remarkably intelligent. In certain skills, they are on a par with primates. Newborn chicks display some abstract thinking that human infants don’t acquire until months later. Recently, avian scientists have determined that they have to significantly revamp and upgrade their view of chickens.

Interesting, and a credible source.  From this, then, we can conclusively say that all human babies are stupid.


4 thoughts on “Stoner Chickens

  1. Hi there great post, I keep hens, and i would agree with most of what has been said about their intelligence and emotions, I have noticed that if one of the hens lays a soft shell egg, she will be become depressed an d not lay for a couple of days, they are effected alot by emotions, I also belive they have some understanding of human speech patterns, like a dog or cat does. Maybe more.

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