And you’ll like it

My very cool idea
My very cool idea

Years ago I was at a cocktail party when a man and his date came in and were introduced all around.  A few minutes later they approached me, and he asked me if I was Irish.  I told him I was Irish on my mother’s side.

“You look Irish, ” he said.

“He loves Irish people,” his date said.

“I love them,” he agreed, “they’re so funny.”  And then they looked at me.  And waited, expectantly.


“Um, I’m only half Irish, but I’m really American.  I guess I’m only a little funny. Maybe slightly less than half an Irishman worth.”

He slapped his knee and howled with laughter.  Laughter far beyond what my answer deserved, until his date broke in with, “Hold old do you think I am?”

“She loves asking people to guess her age,” he said.

I told them I was really bad with ages, and then after much cajoling I guessed that she was ….maybe? …..forty?  Ish?   Both their faces fell, and I was no longer beloved and Irish and funny.  Now I was just a bitch, and off they wandered to pick on some other nationality.

I wonder if they were drunk when they arrived, or if this was just typical sober behavior for them.  Maybe they arrived late because my host was trying to hide the party from them.

But, that’s how I feel sometimes.  Not that you all are drunk, although if you want to read me drunk you just go ahead, and have one for me, too.  But I’m talking about the pressure to be funny.  I have had over 13,000 views since I started this blog in mid-March, and I did not expect that.

I know I’m funny sometimes, and often I don’t even mean to be.  Perhaps I just view life with a sense of humor, amused by and engaged in its absurdity.  I take many things very seriously, but I think one can take things seriously and still find the humor in them.  I’ve never understood why serious and humorless are synonymous.  A reader wrote to tell me how funny I was when I was discussing getting injured.  Blogosphere,  I did not mean to be funny that day.  Yesterday someone told me I was funny whilst talking about faux-cannibalism.  Hmm.  You’re an odd bunch.

I started this blog to complement my jewelry site, to let people get to know me, to demystify the artistic process and assure people that they have a place in that process, even when they’d swear on their granny’s fanny that they don’t have a creative bone in their body.  I wanted to let you know that while I’m making your jewelry I’m alternately falling in love with each piece, and yelling “Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!”  And I say it four times, every time.

Handmade is so much more interesting than mass-produced, and understanding the processes behind it makes it even more so.  I really enjoy listening to artists explain their work (unless they drone on, ad nauseam, and it becomes verbal masturbation), and I hope you do, too.

I absolutely love creating beautiful things,  it’s an honor to know that my pieces are being worn and loved, and I take that honor seriously.  I really hope that comes through in my writing.

So, not always funny, and you’ll like it.  Got it?

OK, so!  I dreamed the design at the top of this post last night…..What if I took small stripes of gold and silver, alternated them, and soldered them together to create a striped, wide band?  How cool would that be?  Pretty cool, let me tell you. I’d oxidize it so it would be a very dark slate colored silver, alternating with a  gold.

Thoughts, my readers?


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