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Dating thoughts

 Facebook….advice on dating, from the peanut gallery.

Katherine Stein I’m building a new worktable and contemplating datingApril 16 at 3:54pm ·

     Jessi  at 4:10pm April 16
I think the worktable is easier
      Jennifer at 5:26pm April 16
      Katherine Stein at 6:08pm April 16
The worktable will never be confused about its feelings for me
      Jessi  at 6:10pm April 16
Plus, you can treat it pretty badly and it will still be there when you need it 😉
      Katherine Stein at 6:25pm April 16
It’ll be solid and reliable
      Jessi  at 6:26pm April 16
and the boys won’t resent it
      Katherine Stein at 6:30pm April 16
And it won’t be jealous of the boys and my friends
      Jessi  at 6:37pm April 16
I think we have a clear winner here 🙂

Katherine Stein Working on a new seaglass ring, and still contemplating dating.

      Jessi  at 7:11pm April 21
hmmm, no good comparisons here- guess you’ll have to stop contemplating and
start dating
     Kelly  at 8:25pm April 21
sea glass and dating- its profound. it takes years for sea glass to be what it is, so its
taken you as well much time to go back to dating………
      Valerie  at 8:35pm April 21
Dating is hmmmmmmmmmmm.
      Katherine Stein at 9:23pm April 21
there are many things I’d rather do than start dating again…for instance, remove
my own spleen with a rusty teaspoon.
      Jessi  at 9:26pm April 21
but which of these things do you contemplate more often? The spleen thing does
sound kinda interesting, but a little limited in possibilities. Plus, the dating would
be more interesting for US- kind of a live version of must love dogs
      Katherine Stein at 9:29pm April 21
I think about my spleen a lot.
      Jessi  at 9:30pm April 21
LOL- a new form of meditation- Katie’s spleen
      Valerie  at 10:30pm April 21
spleens are very important organs, and everyone could benefit from thinking
about them more often.
     Michelle  at 10:55pm April 21
you guys keep me very entertained. 🙂
      Katherine Stein at 7:44am April 22
Spleens it is! So I guess I’ll put off that dating thing.


Katherine Stein I just made this groovy ring.


      Jessi  at 7:59pm April 23
you could wear that on your next DATE
      Ed  at 8:29pm April 23
I thought it was a toilet seat!
      Katherine Stein at 8:32pm April 23
      Katherine Stein at 8:32pm April 23
It’s pretty big. If I wear it on my next date I could bludgeon the guy with it if I need
to make a quick getaway.
      Jessi  at 8:34pm April 23
you should use that in your marketing of this lovely ring that does NOT look lilke a
toilet seat
      Katherine Stein at 8:36pm April 23
You’ve missed your calling. That’s a GREAT idea, and I’ll add….”and is excellent for
bludgeoning!” It’ll sell so fast, because chicks dig weapons that look like toilet seats.
      Jessi  at 8:37pm April 23
LOL- just make sure u clean the blood off before u sell it
      Katherine Stein at 8:38pm April 23
Yeah, I usually do.
      Ed  at 8:39pm April 23
Lillie thinks it loks like a tire, Amy caught it as a ring right away!!!!
      Jessi  at 8:40pm April 23
I actually did laugh out loud this time
      Katherine Stein at 8:42pm April 23
You married up, Ed.

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