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Looky here

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Digital print)
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Digital print)

Check out the cool work of Russ Mills, who produces under the name Byroglyphics.  He’s represented by Red Propeller Gallery in the UK, the same gallery which represents Banksy.  Mills’ work has that same feel: urban, spontaneous, design/painting hybrid.  Beautifully simple sketches juxtaposed with frantic scribbles and rich color, all melded together with Photoshop.  My favorite part of his work?  The surprise images within images.  Erupting secondary faces and animals which escaped notice at first glance.  He makes it look so easy, doesn’t he?

In his own words:

I compile as much source material as possible in the form of textures , random marks and scribbles etc and scan it all, the primary image is drawn and also scanned. I then manipulate the constituent parts on the computer, I keep the amount of layers to a bare minimum so the results are as spontaneous as possible. I don’t use any filters at all to keep the ‘digital’ nature of the image to a minimum.

Go! See!  Be inspired…..  Russ Mills/Byroglyphics


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