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I really love him, continued

I’m dying here.

It occurred to me that while I’ve put punishments in place for behavioral issues at school, I haven’t offered Riley any rewards for behaving well.  There is a part of me that thinks it’s ridiculous to hand out rewards for doing what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place, and Riley has actually pointed this out to me when I’ve offered his younger brother rewards for behaving well.

And there it is, the thought that stopped me and made me think:  I’ve offered his younger brother rewards for good behavior in the past.  Why does Ri get a different system?

And so I came up with an awesome reward.  If we get to the year’s end without any phone calls from school regarding behavior, Riley gets the  current Holy Grail of soccer paraphernalia, the product he’s been telling me about for months.  Behold, blogosphere, Nike ID, customizable soccer cleats. I would show you a picture of them, but they would burn your eyes and blind you,  just like God when you look upon him.

Riley has spent hours on Nike’s site, designing and redesigning the perfect shoe, regaling me with details of the many different configurations one can create for specific game situations: cleats for dry grass, wet grass, turf, indoor, outdoor, playing Spanish speaking countries, dictatorships….you name it, they have a way to customize these shoes.

And after I’m done buying these cleats as a reward for the boy?  I will take any money I have left in the bank, pile it up in the backyard and burn it, while maybe dancing around the flames. Which is almost the same thing as buying these cleats for a 12 year old.

When I woke Ri up for school yesterday, I told him about my great idea, and at first his eyes got big, and his face split into a huge grin.  Then the grin quickly faded, and he got quiet.

“Could I trade the cleats for Saturday’s game?”

Ohhh.  Oh.  I can’t do it.  I cannot stick to this punishment.

What would you do, blogosphere?



5 thoughts on “I really love him, continued

  1. The over-indulgent grandmother can’t keep quiet. Let that practically perfect child play soccer! He loses the cleats for bad school behavior – I kill him for you myself.

  2. Riley, honey? Are you there? Your auntie totally thinks you should be absolutely be allowed to play today! And after, you should get ice cream.

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