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“catsex?” Really?

On my statistics screen I can see the terms which have been searched to lead viewers to my posts, and I need to tell you, I’m more than a bit concerned about how many of you are googling “catsex.”   

I think some of us need to take a good, hard look at ourselves.  Cats are fine.  Sex is good.  Catsex….. oh, honey, put it away.

Catsex?  Really?  I can honestly say that I’ve never even been tempted to google that term, and probably never will out of fear of what I will find. Once in your head, some things are stuck there forever.   I’m going to tell myself that word of  the “Damn Cat Sex” post has wafted around the vast internets, and you’re all looking for that story.  

I just don’t want to think about catsex searches beyond that.




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