The boy made a ring

7 Apr

Look at this bucking ring!

Matt's new ring

Matt's new ring

Matt, my nine year old, made this yesterday.

One of the best parts of having my metal studio in my home is that it allows my kids to be a part of what I do.  Granted, there are serious studio rules:  Don’t ask me to explain my work as I’m working.  Stop touching my stuff.  Don’t make me take this hammer to you, kid.  But this neat thing, metalsmithing, is accessible to them, and I like that.

Matt’s oldest brother, Jake, made a big ol’ silver ring a while ago, and Matt wanted to give it a try.

So I guided and spotted as Matt created the pattern on the heavy silver sheet, cut it out with compound shears, soldered it into a circle, hammered and sized it, pickled and finished.  Matt says the best part was the torch work.  Heaven help me.

 I could not be more proud of little dude.

Grinding edges down

Grinding edges down

Sizing and texturing

Sizing and texturing


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