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The Black Keys

I finally succumbed to the germ warfare being waged around me, and got good and sick this week. I’m behind, behind, behind, and working today to catch up on orders.   I have a lovely cup of tea in hand, I’ve loaded a new playlist and turned up the volume, and here I go…..

This is one of the songs on my list.  The Black Keys, “I’ll Be Your Man.”

 When the song first came out, in 2002, singer Dan Auerbach was just so cute.  In that quiet, sexy-smart, skinny guy kind of way, you know?  BUT THEN!  He grew an insane beard and long hair, and now looks like a cross between Chris Robinson and Grizzly Adams.  Which, who knows?  Might have been what he was going for.  That’s just a lot of stuff growing out of your head. Now, I kinda like long hair on men (sort of, sometimes), but big shrubby beards that make me think of lice combs?  Oh, honey, no.   



Dan, left.  Pre-hirsuteness
Dan, left. Pre-hirsuteness


 See?  Aren’t you all like, “Ohhh, Dan.  I wish you were my man?”



Dan, right.  No, Dan, no.
Dan, right. No, Dan, no.

But now?  It’s more like, “Ohhh Dan.  Have you deloused lately?  Because you should.” 



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