New Chocolate Diamond!


I love opening packages of newly arrived gems, and my kids and neighbors get excited about it, too.  We sit on the bench in my front yard and hold the  stones up to the light, and eww and ahh and wonder out loud how they’d be best used.  My friend Jill loves to see the new pearls,  Karen likes the earth-colored stones and cabochons, Nicole the blues and greens, and my boys and their friends love anything that sparkles colorfully.

This is the listing picture of a diamond I’ve just received.  It’s .35 ct, 4 x 5.7 mm.  Isn’t it just gorgeous? I am much more fond, by far, of champagne-colored diamonds than I am of colorless.   The champagne family covers everything from the palest champagne color to the deepest espresso, and they are earthy,  refined, and have so much depth of color.

Many jewelry artisans I’ve spoken with are reluctant to work with diamonds; what if they ruin the diamond?  But here’s the thing.  Diamonds?  As the hardest of the minerals,  they are awfully tough to damage. Their hardness is the reason diamonds came to be valued thousands of years ago.  Not their brilliance and clarity and cut, but their hardness as a symbol of permanence and strength.  While I’m always nervous setting stones which are lower on the Mohs Scale (of hardness ) for fear I will scratch them, diamonds are a piece of cake.

This would be beautiful set horizontally, flanked by two smaller, lighter, round champagne diamonds, and I’m mulling that.  The deep color and interesting cut of this stone, with bright sparkle and twinkle to either side;  wouldn’t that be beautiful?  It would be an incredible engagement ring. While creating a ring which I would need to list at the $600 range seems silly in this economy, I want to set the stone as beautifully as possible.

Mulling, mulling.

And now, my fever and I are going to take some Advil and get back in bed for an hour.


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