Personal Entries

Walker, Texas Ranger

Things my teenager exclaimed, while home sick for three days and watching “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

1.  “Alex got shot?  Again?”

2.   “WHY?  WHY do they always throw down their guns and go hand-to-hand with Walker?  He will kick your ass.  Haven’t they seen this show?”

3.  ” OK.  All Cherokees have long hair,  and drink out of streams.”

4.  On Walker and Alex kissing:  “Oh man, that just doesn’t look right.”

5.  “Just.     Shoot.      Him.”

6.  “Oh no, the warden’s a racist.”

7.  “I can’t watch this anymore.  Walker just stared down a wolf.  Stared. Down.  A wolf.”

8.  “His first name is CordellCordell, Texas Ranger?”

9.   “Mom!  Alex has internal bleeding, she’s in intensive care.  Again.”

10.  “Oh, she’s better.  Please don’t kiss her again.”




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