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Aye, Lad. I know.

My 12 year old is a huge soccer fan, and loves to listen to Scotsman Tommy Smith commentate European matches.  Riley does a dead-on impression of Smith.   During one of these matches, Ri swaggered into the kitchen, Scot’s accent in full force, and propped one leg up on a kitchen chair.

“You know lass, I’ve always wanted to wear a kilt and feel the breeze on my manliness.”  He cocked an eyebrow, and pointed a finger gun at me, “You know what I mean by my manliness, don’tcha?

Oh good Lord, yes I do.

Winking at me, he swaggered away nodding, “Yeaaah.”

Likes breeze on manliness
Likes breeze on manliness




3 thoughts on “Aye, Lad. I know.

  1. Oh my, that is hilarious. I stumbled upon your blog as I was browsing through emails for BSE. Your blog’s being featured next. LOL, hi to your little Scotsman.

  2. Tell Riley MacStein we say huhlo and tell him Zadie says it’s fine if her boy cousins sleep in her princess room. I mentioned the bedding from mom’s and she reminded me that we have an extra set of sheets (with little pink rosebuds) that the boys could use 🙂

    1. Riley MacStein would LOVE little pink rosebuds next to his manliness. You know what I mean by his manliness, don’tcha?

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