New Earrings

26 Mar

Just finished these and one other pair of earrings, and will be listing them later this afternoon.  These are 14k with citrine, and the others are a very cool sterling/gold mix. 

Citrine in Gold Rectangles

Citrine in Gold Rectangles

I know my collection is short on earrings, but I’ve been having a lovefest with rings lately.  Now I have some earring ideas beginning to percolate, and I’ll go with them.  I find that forcing myself in a direction I’m not eager to go yields lesser quality work.

Seeing my pieces photographed often leads me to make further adjustments to them, and I originally had these earrings with little pearls instead of citrine.  Now I see I’ve left a bit of polish on the right side of the top earring, and I’ll need to clean that up a bit and reshoot.  I don’t like to clean up details like that in photoshop, because it doesn’t feel honest; I want the customer to see exactly what they are getting.  I don’t have any qualms, however, about cleaning up the red paint mark on the rock background.  I think anything reminiscent of blood in my photos is probably not a good idea.


One Response to “New Earrings”

  1. Carla May 15, 2009 at 6:56 pm #

    I really like these! Very nice 🙂

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