The Suck

Last week I promised I would post pictures of my successes and failures with silver, didn’t I?  And I’ve only posted one picture, and that was of a successful piece.  I would post pictures of failed pieces, but I don’t have anything left that could even be loosely described as a “piece” at all.  I have mangled bits of metal which resemble the fragments of satellites, burned up beyond recognition as they re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and fall to the ground.  But nothing remotely jewelry-like.

In metalsmithing, the technical term for what I have come up with is “suck,” or if you want to get fancy, “suckage.”  And I want to get fancy.  The F in my BFA is for “fancy terminology,” and I spent almost a whole extra year in school to get that F, so you can trust me when I tell you this is a technical term.  What have I come up with this week, someone might ask?  Suckage!  And you may use that term, too.  It doesn’t just apply to the studio arts.  You’re welcome.

And after the silver and gold ring the other day I was getting excited about blending silver and gold within the same design.  I wasn’t ready to go full-monty sterling yet, but the blending?  I thought I was good with the blending.  I’d be polymetalic, and use them both at the same time.  That sounds racy, doesn’t it?  Well, it would be the only racy thing about me, as I’m a complete nerd.  Blogosphere, I do squats while I brush my teeth, and I find if you have that in your repertoire, it really brings down the bar on cool.

And now I have hunks of metal resembling melted satellite suck, when I thought I was on the way to having something racy to say on dates when the topic of what I do for a living comes up.  I could have leaned in, lowered my eyelids a bit and said in a breathy voice, “I’m polymetalic.  That’s right. Both metals.  At the same time.  Who’s a little badass? That would be me.”

Now I don’t feel badass at all.

The problem is the soldering.  When soldering gold to silver, you use silver solder, and I’m ending up with a mess.   To be honest, the whole thing just takes practice, and I’m not being patient with myself.   As my beautiful sister would tell me, I am putting negative  energy out into the universe, and I must stop that. And she’s right.

So.  Deep breath, put aside the suckage and the self-pity, wrap myself in badass, and back into the studio I go.


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