Gold and Silver Orbit Ring

Orbit ring

Silver and I have decided to date, but it’s not serious.  I’m totally seeing other metals.

What I came up with:  A wide silver band, flared top and bottom to form a shallow concave channel which holds a  gold ring with five gold granules.  I tried finishing the silver several different ways before resting on this finish.  First white and heavily sanded, then satin, then polished, but none of those provided a nice contrast for the gold. I oxidized, and liked the gold against the dark backing the best.  I burnished the darkened silver to a high sheen, and I fell in love with that.

I think I will go ahead and list this ring for sale, and I like the idea of listing it with the option of more or less gold granules.   The granules strike me as a lovely metaphor for members of a family, or group.

Next up:  I’m in the middle of another wide silver ring.  This time with a white sanded finish, and lovely rectangular amethyst bezeled in gold.


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