When I say “silver,” it’s a bit like Seinfeld says “Newman.”  Silver is not my metal of choice.  It doesn’t sing to me the way gold sings to me, and that’s probably the reason I can’t get it to sing for me.  I have a bad attitude about silver, and silver has done nothing to deserve my contempt.  I’m  just pigheaded about the things I don’t like doing, and I think this shows in my work.  My sister has noticed that my silver lacks the grace my gold work has.  It all comes back to working with the material, and I prefer the feel of gold in my hands..

But, I’ve received many inquiries from customers about whether I will be working with silver, and I know that I need to work some into my collection.  I do like silver jewelry, and have plenty of it myself, and it’s time to put on my big girl pants and get going.  Boy, have I put that one off!

This week, I’ve timed my orders poorly, and I’m about out of gold as I wait for a shipment.  But I do have silver on hand.  So, today I’m in my studio playing.  I think I need to start at the beginning and make things I have no intention of selling, with no expectations of outcome, but only focusing on the process.  That idea will probably only make sense to the artists among you, but sometimes focusing on the process is the only way to approach, to allow yourself to begin and experiment.  There are times in the creative process where it is counterproductive to focus on the outcome, and this is one of them.   You’ll never get there if you focus on getting there, and this can be one of the hardest things about being creative for a living.  The financial pressure to get there often limits your ability to do so.

So, over the next few days, while I have free time,  I’m going to let myself off the hook on producing, and embrace working with silver.   I will most definitely post candid pictures of my successes and failures.

Can you feel the love already?  I can totally feel the love.


3 thoughts on “Silver

  1. Hi,
    I’m sure I just posted a comment to you but it hasn’t shown up…
    Anyway – as I was saying…I am just blown away by your jewellery!
    I am just starting out fusing fine (999)silver and I have the same passion for fine silver as you seem to have for gold…it is so clean and quick to work with – I just love it! Perhaps you would enjoy working with fine silver more than sterling? …just a thought!
    I mainly make decorative chains but I am playing with Precious Metal Clay as well…all great fun!…and I may get round to selling something eventually!!
    Thanks for inspiring me with your lovely work.

  2. Hi, I’m knocked out by your jewellery!
    I am just starting out making fine (999) silver jewellery and I think I have the same feelings about silver as you do about gold! I think my work is rather lacking the finesse of yours but I am getting there! I’ve never done any stone setting…perhaps I’ll learn how to do that sometime in the future… I am doing some work with precious metal clay (pmc) but mainly I just love making chains by fusing silver wire…It’s so clean and quick! Perhaps you would enjoy working with fine silver more than you do with sterling? …Just a thought!!
    All the best!

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for the compliments on my work!

      I have used PMC, and liked it, and I do like using fine silver better than sterling. I like the color and texture of fine silver much more than sterling. It’s warmer in color, I think. Almost pearly compared to sterling. But, while I’ve used fine silver for earrings and pendants, it just doesn’t take the wear that a ring needs to take, and that’s where I’m getting requests from my customers!

      Gold….I have a friend who had only worked with silver, and absolutely loved her sterling. She played with some gold in my studio one day, and now she’s sold! And that’s what happened to me; once I started with gold, I just loved its texture. It can go much longer than silver before it work-hardens; it’s more chewy, and has the responisivity of fine silver. You gotta try it some day! I promise you’ll like gold, and then you’ll be ruined for silver! =)


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