Damn Fine Tea

damn fine tea

“You grew up next door to this tea. It would sit on the porch, talking on the cordless phone, and despite its old sweats and unkempt hair you had a hard time taking your eyes off it while you mowed the lawn. Your trips down the block to the mailbox had to be perfectly timed. You grew up, moved away, and made a name for yourself but every now and then a song surfaces on the random shuffle and it all comes back. A Google search yields nothing.”

How could you not check out a company with a name like this one?  That’s their name!  Damn Fine Tea.   I’m a bit jealous that I didn’t think of that name, and call my business Damn Fine Jewelry.

And their descriptions!  With product descriptions like the one above, for their Ceylon line, they almost deserve our orders for their chutzpah.

I often order my tea online, and I’ll order from these guys just to see if their tea is as good as their marketing mojo.


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