Sapphire Empress Ring


Sapphires can be cheeky little monkeys.  That gorgeous, vivid blue requires a lot of light to look its best, and without enough light it deadens to a dark navy.  Which isn’t a bad color, but letting the sapphire go to navy defeats the purpose of having a sapphire in the first place!  So, the less metal surrounding the stone and blocking the light, the better.  That was an important consideration in creating this piece.

This sapphire is a strong, rich stone,  and in designing the ring I wanted to create a rich but strong and clean setting.  Roman and Byzantine jewelry has those attributes, and the granulation is a nod to that era’s jewelry.  To allow plenty of light for the sapphire to play with, I’ve kept the bezel as low as it could go and still hold the 1.77 ct sapphire securely.  Because it is lower, I’ve made it a heavier gauge than I normally would.  Just by a bit.  The floor of the setting is open to allow some light from underneath, and the band elevates the setting for this reason.  I love the swoop of the band as it curves up to hold the platform, and I think it makes clear that while this is a stong ring, it’s a feminine one as well.  I’ve repeated the gold granules on the side, making the profile an integrated part of the design.

I’ll have this posted on my sale site in just a bit.  I need to go see if Jill From Texas has time to model it for me!

To see some really neat Roman jewelry, check this out.


3 thoughts on “Sapphire Empress Ring

  1. My eyes can’t stop sneaking peeks at that beautiful blue stone! I love love love cabochons AND sapphires! perfect. Really fun ring too!

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