When good ideas go bad

13 Mar
Without meaning to, I made a ring which was a monument to Darth Vader’s TIE fighter.  Or Princess Leia’s head. I’ll let it be your call.

It seemed like a really good idea; in theory it was a great idea!  But I wasn’t making a theoretical ring for someone’s theoretical finger, and very few people want to go around with a ring that reminds them of  Star Wars.  Or doesn’t remind them enough of Star Wars.  Or offends them with its slight resemblance to Star Wars.

I loved the ring at first.  I was going for throwback Mod.  Something  a late 60’s hipster chick would wear while yachting in the Mediterranean and drinking grown-up drinks the names of which I do not even know.  An aqua  Paraiba Chalcedony in 14k gold, the band sweeping up on either side of the stone to cradle its  fabulous Modness.

But once it occurred to me that I had achieved more Darth Vader or Princess Leia and less Jackie O, I just couldn’t shake the image.  I sent the photos to my Mom, who works in the Netherlands with a number of programmers at a Dutch bank.  They are proud Trek/Star Wars/ World of Warcraft nerds. 

The Dutch nerds were not amused.  Not only did they think the ring looked nothing like Darth Vader’s TIE fighter, but they seemed offended that I had even considered the likeness.  Darth Vader’s fighter has TWIN ION ENGINES people, and this ring OBVIOUSLY does not.  The ring doesn’t use ions to propel itself at all.  It CAN’T EVEN FLY.   And Leia’s hair?  Are you NUTS?  This ring does not lead the resistance, and would NOT look fetching in a leather bikini on Jabba the Hutt’s lap.  Please.

So close to fabulousness, and ….. nothing.

Leader of the Rebellion

Leader of the Rebellion

Flies, unlike a ring.  Not to be worn on finger.

Flies, unlike a ring. Not to be worn on finger.

Neither the leader of a rebellion, nor a twin ion engine fighter

Neither the leader of a rebellion, nor a twin ion engine fighter


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