The rocks that I got


New stones!  This will be my weekend’s work.  Well, some of these. 

A 1.7 ct sapphire, 2 citrines, and a gorgeous big jade, which is over a centimeter wide.  The purple is a piece of seaglass I plan to put in a ring.

I’m most excited about the jade, because I know where I am going with it; I can see the piece finished in my head.  A simple gold bezel and a thin band, the whole setting abraded to a satin finish.  It will be an airy, contemporary piece, and the jade  be the star of the show.


2 thoughts on “The rocks that I got

    1. Hi Carla, thanks for the compliments!

      One place I really have come to trust for stones is I’ve never been disappointed, and everything is exactly the quality it’s supposed to be. I can spend hooouuurs just looking at their stuff!

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